Promote and protect vulnerable children rights


Promote and protect vulnerable children rights

In 2019, Arbeiter Samariter Bund Offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, started with new project addressed to children: „Promote and protect vulnerable children rights“. This project is funded by the European Union and implemented together with national partner The LIR Civil Society.

The overall objective of the project is to support democracy and address human rights through promoting, protecting and fulfilling children rights in support of civil society and governmental organisations through:

1) Enchasing the impact of civil society by empowering CSOs-defending the children rights for actively engaging in human rights promotion and protection;

2) Pursuing common agendas for protecting children’s economic, social and cultural rights and democratic approach to prevent peer-violence;

3) Engaging in structured civic dialogue with governments at all levels promoting policies designed to protect human rights and introducing mechanisms on promoting antidiscrimination matters.

Project will improve competences of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) defending the rights of children and IRIS B&H network members for implementation of evidence based advocacy campaign. Project Partners will be trained to develop high quality shadow reports, to grow their knowledge in monitoring protection of human rights-related policies and increase participation in the policy decision-making processes. Line ministries and public officials will raise their capacities for open dialogue on key issues in the sectors, thus improving the transparency and accountability of the institutions they represent (Human rights Academy, Peer Review, Shadow reports). Finally, by involving all stakeholder representatives in all aspects of the Action (from the phase of Shadow report recommendations to the Advocacy campaign phase), the Action will lead government institutions in B&H to recognize the importance and value of civil society participation in reform processes in B&H in order to improve promotion and protection of vulnerable children rights, consequently to reduce the increased peer violence, respond on the recent migration crisis and support returnees under readmission agreements.

Implementation Period of the project is from January 2019 till August 2020.


First info meeting within the project was held in March 2019 with Association „Tracak Nade“in Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mrs Biljana Zgonjanin, LIRCD and Mrs Jelena Vilotic, Tracan Nade

This Service center for helping people with disabilities gathers 86 beneficiaries who need help, providing specialist in social work, defectology and logopedia. Additionally, they cooperate with a medical worker and a physiotherapist who is available to their users on a daily basis.

The service center “Tracak Nade” has signed an agreement on cooperation with a preschool institution, two primary schools and one high school institution on activities related to peer violence in their local community.

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