ASB donated greenhouses to the Municipalities of Visoko, Trebinje and Ljubuska


Last presentations under the project „Direct socio-economic assistance to extremely vulnerable families in B&H“ have been organized in municipalities Visoko, Trebinje and Ljubusko. On this occasion, in period May – June 2019, representatives from ASB Office in B&H signed contracts with Municipalities Visoko and Trebinje with 40 project beneficiaries selected to receive donations.


On May 31st in Visoko, contracts were signed between ASB and 15 selected project beneficiaries, who will be awarded with greenhouses of 100 m2 and 75 m2.

Mirza Valjevac is one of the awarded with greenhouses unde the GM project. Mirza is adult student of the Agricultural Technical School in Visoko and recorded as a person with 80% disability.

In Trebinje on May 03th, ASB signed donation contract with 25 selected beneficiaries of GFM project.

This project is supported by the Trebinje Agrarian Fund due to the fact that the this city is the only local community that has accepted to support 25 future donations to persons from the Center for Social Work.

Two days later, in Ljubuska has been organized last project presentation, where the process of bilateral meetings with representatives of local communities, which are participants in the GFM project (Visoko, Hadžići, Šamac, Bosanska Krupa, Travnik, Trebinje and Ljubuški), has been completed.

On this opportunity, ASB announced that one greenhouse will be awarded to the Disabled Children’s and Youth Care Center Pazarić who has 350 beneficiaries in Municipality of Hadžići and to the Nursing Home in Ljubuska with 100 beneficiaries. Donated greenhouses will have a multi-functional benefit through the form of working occupational therapy and indirect healthy food production.

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