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Founded in 2012, IRIS Network is the only regional network that brings together CSOs social service providers in Western Balkans. The Network is based on a vision of equal rights and opportunities for decent living for all.

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Granting Facility of IRIS PROGRESS- original

The primary role of IRIS Network is to strengthen civil society organizations social service providers across the Western Balkans and to ensure they are recognized as equal partners by the public sector.

IRIS Network supports its members and decision makers in the creation of social policies, implementing lobbying and advocacy actions focused on ensuring access to high quality social services in local communities in Western Balkans.

Regional IRIS Network is consisted of six national networks and 231 civil society organizations located in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.


Within Granting Facility “Developing of community-based services” IRIS Network supported 13 of its members enabling them to improve service provision and establish effective mechanisms for the protection of human rights. The implementation period of these projects is between 8-12 months starting from December 2023.

Grants were distributed in total amount of 179 746 EUR. Granting Facility is part of the project “Strengthening capacities and policy engagement of community service providers – IRIS PROGRESS” is funded by European Union.

Project is being implemented by Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC) in partnership with Arbeiter Samariter Bund e.V (Germany), Alfa Center (Montenegro), Center for Labour Rights (Albania), Community Development Institute (North Macedonia), LIR CD (BiH), Centre for Independent Living (Kosovo*).

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