Modest contribution of German ASB to the BIH struggle against COVID-19


Based on the Decision of the Arbeiter – Samariter – Bund eV (ASB) Head Office in Cologne – Germany on the allocation of emergency funds as a first aid in mitigating the causes and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the expressed needs of Crisis Headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Arbeiter Samariter Bund eV Office for Southeastern Europe in Sarajevo delivered a donation of 25 bunk beds (50 users) to the Konjic Civilian Protection Headquarters yesterday in Konjic. The Konjic Crisis Headquarters pledged to use the donation solely for the purpose intended for their needs and future decisions by the Konjic Civilian Protection Headquarters, in efforts to suppress the COVID 19 pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is one of a total of 3 donations, followed by one to the Republika Srpska Civilian Protection – Emergency Headquarters, for the purpose of establishing field isolation premises and the care of vulnerable and diseased citizens of Republika Srpska during the COVID-19 pandemic, deployed by Emergency Headquarters of Republika Srpska.

The donation is for 70 sets of domestic production โ€œPopajโ€ beds for a total of 70 potential beneficiaries, as well as for the West Herzegovina County Red Cross Office in Ljubuski for the purpose of forming isolation premises and care for the vulnerable and diseased citizens of the cities of Siroki Brijeg and Ljubuski, and the municipalities of Grude and Posusje, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is important to emphasize that the beds are of domestic production, directly produced, whose acquisition in the moments of the pandemic stimulated the domestic production of furniture and the partial employment of local labor.

In addition to supporting the efforts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens to combat this global plague, the ASB is currently conducting similar activities in the Republic of Serbia and Kosovo, helping where it is most needed.

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