Preparations for SDI Mentoring Support Trainings in Tirana, Banja Luka and Sarajevo











First info session on Municipal social projects development under the SDI project has been conducted in Tirana. The session was organized by the partner in Albania, Initiative for Social Change ARSIS (Nisma per Ndryshim Shoqeror ARSIS) and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Beside representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Deputy Minister Mrs. Ardiana Jaku, Director of the Cabinet in the Ministry Mrs. Alida Mici, and other representatives from different directorates in the politics level in social affairs, as well as representatives of local self-governments were presented.

Mrs. Ardiana Jaku, underlined the importance of this initiative and recommended to address in the project proposals social dimensions that are lacking and have to be fulfilled according to the new law on social services.

Mrs. Merita Xhafaj, General Director of Social Policies from The Ministry of Health and Social Protection expressed the high interest of the Ministry in this initiative, as Albania is developing reforms and policies for being a candidate state in the European Union: „This Initiative is a great opportunity for each of the Municipalities to raise the capacities of the personnel of the Municipalities, to engage on project development and possibilities to address through projects their gaps with the focus on social issues.”

Parallel with the mentoring process, the national conference will be organized in collaboration with the MHSP in Tirana, in April 2019th, where among other things, the results of the program will be presented.

Municipal social project development activity will be conducted in 11 municipalities in Albania – Mirdita, Kruja,  Himara, Saranda , Kurbin, Fushw Arwz, Divjaka, Malwsi e Madhe, Belsh, Gramsh and Tepelena.



After Tirana, presentation of the mentoring programme for WB Municipalities was organized in Banja Luka, with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of The Republic of Srpska and by ASB national partner LIR CD.

The meeting was attended by Regional Director of ASB for South East Europe Mr. Elmir Bojadzic, Biljana Zgonjanin, executive director of LIR CD, representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska, selected municipalities and directors of the national Centers for Social Work.

The organizations presented mentoring support program and steps to be followed: needs assessment of each municipality and criteria for support.

„Priority will be given to project ideas dealing with socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, youth, women… „ emphasized Biljana Zgonjanin and added that she will,  in coordination with each municipality, organize mentor support and field visit to municipalities starting from next week.

Mr. Elmir Bojadzic pointed out the fact that ASB will donate 5,000 EUR and 2,000 EUR respectively for 2 best project ideas per country and explained that, as result of this mentoring program, each of 7 municipalities will prepare 3 project ideas in total value of 50,000 EUR per municipality, portfolio of up to 42 short project proposals will be created and advocated for in BiH.



After meeting in The Republic of Srpska, presentation has been also conducted in Sarajevo. The meeting was held in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and was hosted by Vesko Drljača, Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the FBiH, Miroslav Jurešić, Deputy Minister for Social Protection and Family and Child Protection, as well as representatives of nominated Municipalities and relevant Centres for   Social Work of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina. As in Banja Luka,  the program was presented by Elmir Bojadzic, General Director of ASB for Southeast Europe and Biljana Zgonjanin, Executive Director of LIR CD.For Bosnia and Herzegovina mentoring support for social projects development will be implemented with 14 municipalities – Bosansko Grahovo, Domaljevac-Šamac, Ključ, Dobretići, Vareš, Foča, Sapna, Šamac, Lopare, Teslić, Brod, Laktaši, Modriča and Stanari.




Through the Initiative for the Social Dimension of EU, around 200 ready-to-be-funded social project ideas from 65 municipalities nominated by line Ministries from WB countries will be developed with ASB national partners’ mentorship. The regional portfolio will be prepared for fundraising and also as the advocacy tool for enhanced funding opportunities in social sphere for the WB.

SDI is implemented by ASB SEE offices in BIH, Serbia and Kosovo with the support of local partner organisations – LIR CD B&H, SOS Montenegro, ARSIS Albania, Preda+ Kosovo, La Strada FYROM, IDC Serbia and regional IRIS Network and in close collaboration with EU parliament, national Parliaments and Governments in the WB countries and local NGO sector.


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