Second day of training, supporting shelters for victims of domestic violence in BiH


On the second day of the training on Prevention of Professional Burnout, taking place in Neum as part of the “United Against Domestic Violence in the Western Balkans – Regional Cooperation and Support to Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence”, financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs @AuswartigesAmt, and implemented by @asb_see , we learnt about the time management, with a focus on setting priorities and developing skills in setting professional goals.

As the final part of the training, our trainer Sladjana Cvjetkovic presented relaxation techniques, and she guided students through exercises known as “butterfly hug”, “safe place” and “progressive muscle relaxation”, which will help them in stressful situations.

During the second part of the day, the coordinator of the shelter from Banja Luka, Amela Bašić-Tomić @amela.tomic opened the training on the Importance of exchange of experiences when organizing self-help groups for the empowerment and long-term recovery of survivors of domestic violence.

Representatives of shelters from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to share the basic principles of self-help groups, as well as the challenges they cope with in providing direct support to women who survived domestic violence.

“Education is very important,” stressed Mrs. Bašić-Tomić during the discussion part of the training. “It is necessary to constantly emphasize to the survivors that domestic violence is a social problem, reflected in various parts of society. It is not a personal problem, and they should not feel alone.”

The goal of the training, which ends tomorrow, is to present strategies for surviving violence and getting out of potentially violent situations through the principle of self-respect and empowerment, supported by self-help groups.


The project “United Against Domestic Violence in the Western Balkans – Regional Cooperation and Support to Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence” will support 11 shelters for the victims of domestic violence in the West Balkan region. The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by ASB South East Europe offices and co-funded by local government units in 11 project municipalities.


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