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After signing The Declaration on Improving Social Policy in the Western Balkans in November, under the Project Social Dimension Initiative (SDI), the Mentoring Support Training for 65 municipalities in WB started.

The Municipal Social projects development programme ensures the ability in understanding the project planning process as well as the identification of needs within the local community and the development of skills required for drafting quality project proposals. The focus is on supporting local socio-economic development actors as well as Centres for Social Work and other local stakeholders with intention to improve local socio-economic picture including social infrastructure. Civil society organizations will be involved as well for improvement of local employment opportunities and social services at the local level.

Through the Initiative for the Social Dimension of EU, around 200 ready-to-be-funded social project ideas from 65 municipalities nominated by line Ministries from WB countries will be developed with ASB national partners’ mentorship. The regional portfolio will be prepared for fundraising and also as the advocacy tool for enhanced funding opportunities in social sphere for the WB.

ASB has prepared a symbolic financial contribution for the two best project ideas in each country in the form of a prize that will be awarded at the final regional conference at the end of 2019.

Social Dimension Initiative has started in August, 2018 with the aim to point out the necessity for better social and employment policies in the enlargement process of WB countries, beyond the framework of the EU social acquis. This regional initiative is the outcome of ASBs 25 year’s long humanitarian work in the region and the identification of plenty common potentials and obstacles for social prosperity and wellbeing of the citizens of these countries at their path to European Union membership.

SDI is implemented by ASB SEE offices in BIH, Serbia and Kosovo with the support of local partner organisations – LIR CD B&H, SOS Montenegro, ARSIS Albania, Preda+ Kosovo, La Strada FYROM, IDC Serbia and regional IRIS Network and in close collaboration with EU parliament, national Parliaments and Governments in the WB countries and local NGO sector.




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