Support to Syrian refugees both in camps and en-route in Serbia, FYROM and Greece


Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V – ASB is implementing a € 1.980.000 worth project “Support to Syrian refugees both in camps and en-route in Serbia, FYROM and Greece” funded by the German Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with Association for social support of the youth – ARSIS, Initiative for Development and Cooperation – IDC and PREDA Plus.  Project has been jointly developed by four organizations in order to contribute to the improvement of the refugee situation in Serbia, FYROM and Greece and to reduce vulnerability of refugees in these countries.

The funds will be used to assist refugees both in transit through the Balkans and in camps with provision of accommodation, food and hygiene, clothes, medical and dental care and psycho social counseling. Furthermore, the funds will be used to improve capacities and infrastructure of the Support Center in Thessaloniki, Greece and in Reception and Registration hotspots in Serbia. German Federal Foreign Office continues to support ASB and its partners in their efforts to help most venerable groups. From September 2015 with the funds provided by the German government, ASB succeeded to assist more than 100.000 refugees and migrants in Serbia and FYROM. After the closing of the “Western Balkan” route in March 2016, due to the increased number of refugees in Greece, one of the main project focuses will be improving the situation for the refugees in this country.Due to the regional aspect of the project, ASB is in the position to react in a flexible manner and to adjust the project based on the changes on the route and in the countries affected by the migrant crisis.

Project is divided into three main pillars:

1. Distribution of aid supplies

Distribution of aid supplies is intended for refugees who are in the transit through Serbia, FYROM and Greece as well as to camps in these countries and refugees staying there. This includes:

  • Distribution of at least 168 000 relief parcels of “water/food/hygiene” – in Greece, FYROM and Serbia
  • Distribution of at least 50 000 aid parcels of “medical goods” – in Greece, FYROM and Serbia
  • Distribution of clothing and shoes to at least 4000 refugees – in Greece, FYROM and Serbia


2. Protection of vulnerable refugees

Protection measures for vulnerable refugees (children, youth, pregnant women, etc.) in the camps and en-route in Serbia, FYROM and Greece cover:

  • Medical and dental basic care for at least 10 000 refugees in Serbia
  • Supervised emergency housing for at least 660 refugees in rented spaces in Greece
  • Psycho-social counseling for 120 000 refugees in Greece


3. Improvement of infrastructure

In cooperation with local authorities and in order to improve support to refugees, part of funds will be allocated for:

  • Renovation and equipment of a Support Center in Thessaloniki for Unaccompanied minors, Greece
  • Procurement and delivery of a small transporter for the Support Center in Thessaloniki
  • Reconstruction of the Reception and Registration hotspots in Serbia (in Dimitrovgrad and Subotica)

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