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With the funds of German Foreign Ministry ASB in Kosovo during the year 2012 implemented the project “Emergency Repair of 20 houses for RAE community in Municipality of Prizren, Lipjan, Istog and Fushe Kosove/Kosovo Polje”. The total value of this project amounted € 333,335.00 of which € 300,000.00 was being provided by the GFM and € 33,335.00 by ASB.

The overall project objective is to contribute to sustainable return of RAE community members to their pre-war homes. Each of the 20 families was provided with a property in accordance with the humanitarian standard that has already been applied in previous projects, depending on the number of the family members and with sustainable income generating activity for each beneficiary family within the bud- get limits of € 1,000 per family on average. The contents of the package was defined by a selection of beneficiaries (e.g. livestock, equipment for agriculture, small ma- chines, equipment for the craft, tools, etc.) and depended on the preferences of the beneficiaries and their ability to create income). Versatile firewood stove (for heating and cooking / baking) and 2-3 pieces of the sofa beds per beneficiary were also donated to beneficiary families.

It is important to mention that the action had a strong synergy with the EC-funded project in Serbia. This project is continuation of the several projects implemented by ASB since 2006, under which 105 houses were constructed in several municipalities in Kosovo.

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