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ASB in Kosovo has been working since 1998 with two branches in the field of social projects as well as in housing reconstruction and rehabilitation of social and public infrastructure. ASB was one of the first non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to return to Kosovo after the cessation of hostilities and started directly with the implementation of emergency relief projects, e.g. the distribution of firewood. Following the first shelter projects in 1999/2000 (approx. 1,200 units), ASB was awarded with the first European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) reconstruction project for 300 housing units in Malishevo in May 2000. The EAR 2001 project covered the reconstruction of 272 houses in the municipalities of Malishevo and Rahovec/Orahovac. Within this project, the first 17 Serb and Roma families in this area were assisted. Another 19 houses were built with the assistance of Solidaridad Internacional (SI) from Spain in Malishevo. ASB’s third EAR housing reconstruction project in 2002 covered the municipalities of Rahovec/Orahovac and Malishevo and Klina municipality in support to return of minority families. With the “Green line” project in Rahovec/Orahovac, ASB targeted for the second time after 2001 the reconstruction of destroyed houses in the mixed-ethnic neighbourhood of Upper Rahovec/Orahovac and the return of Serb and Albanian families to their homes.

An important milestone project was the entire reconstruction of the village of Novake, 4 km north of Prizren, where 61 Serb-families had been encouraged to return from Serbia to Kosovo in 2003. This project included the complete rebuilding of 61 homes, the school, electrical and water infrastructure and provision of sustainability for the returns. This positive experience led directly to the next project for ASB Prizren in the year 2003 and 2004. With funds from the EAR, ASB reconstructed 63 houses in the Zhupa Valley in the south east of Prizren. In 2007, ASB also implemented another EU-funded project for return of a further 70 internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Serbia to Kosovo.

With funds from the German Foreign Ministry (GFM), in February 2008 ASB finalised the emergency repair to additional 13 houses, cat 1-3 for Roma/Askali returnee families in the Municipality of Prizren along with related sustainability measures. Through this assistance, the poor living standard and unhygienic conditions of these minority returnee families were significantly improved. A total of 5 similar projects were funded by the same donor for the reconstruction of houses for Roma returnee families in Kosovo.

Over the past 4 years ASB has focussed much of its activities in Kosovo on the economic strengthening of vulnerable and rural households through various projects funded both by the EU and German government. Since 1998, ASB implemented projects valued at € 17 million in Kosovo funded by EAR, German Foreign Ministry (GFM), UNDP, Norwegian Government, BPRM and direct funds from ASB’s headquarters as well as a certain number of private donations and rebuilt more than 1,932 houses in Kosovo.


ASB is a German aid and welfare organisation, engaged in areas such as civil protection, rescue services and social welfare services. As a non-political organisation, ASB has, since its foundation in 1888, provided rapid and direct help to all those in need of our support.

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