ASB in South East Europe


For 25 years ASB SEE is helping people in the Balkans:

– Who are struggling with the problems due to forced migrations;
– To people who are faced with mental or physical disability;
– To elderly and all of those who are not recognized by the system or are only partly recognized;
– To those who stand alone and all they have is themselves;
– To those who do not have a place to go to;
– To those without the address…



In the last 25 years ASB SEE helped more than 16,000 families to obtain a housing solution;
We made it possible for 3,000 families to initiate their jobs or to provide additional income;
Only in the last three years, near 1,200 most vulnerable citizens from 80 communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia got needed equipment to start their business and to fight the poverty they are faced with;
We are supporting youth to reach the employment by learning the new skills;
We are supporting our partners from the civil sector, more than 200 CSOs from 6 countries, to provide social services to the most vulnerable;
We are working with the media and all the public in order to put the attention on the problems the most vulnerable among us are faced with;
We are convincing the decision makers, the politicians, and our partners in the Governments and international community that the social and human aspect is just as critical in the development of the society as the economical one;
We are working with the national and local authorities in order for their services for the most vulnerable to be most effective and efficient as possible;

And all the time we are out on the field with the people that need our support. We bring help where is needed the most.

We are helping people to start new chapters in their lives.
And we are staying dedicated to our 130 years old moto: WE HELP HERE AND NOW!

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ASB is a German aid and welfare organisation, engaged in areas such as civil protection, rescue services and social welfare services. As a non-political organisation, ASB has, since its foundation in 1888, provided rapid and direct help to all those in need of our support.

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