Another great success – Two years of regional network IRIS


First phase of the ASB project “Improving the provision of Social Service Delivery in South Eastern Europe through pharmacy online the empowerment of national and regional Civil Society networks” has ended with great success, and we have officially started with new project phase from Monday, 1st of December. It is our great pleasure to continue working with organizations, social service providers in South East Europe region, now with two new partners from FRYOM and Albania.

As part of the project, we have established regional network IRIS, which is the only regional network that brings together CSOs social service providers in South East Europe.

IRIS connects more than 150 member organizations that provide different types of social services to different vulnerable groups: people with disability, children and youth at risk, women victims of family violence, refugees, asylum seekers etc.

Facts on IRIS

– Connects and builds capacities for more than buy cialis online 150 organizations from SEE region providing social services;

– 10.000 beneficiaries are provided necessary social and health services each day by its member organizations

– IRIS has five national secretariats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia and two in formation in FYROM and Albania by the end of 2014;

– More than 500 decision makers and stakeholders from civil and public sector attended our national events in 2014

– Network encourage a consensus among decision-makers, experts and civil society on the needs of effective coordination and use of available local resources and future EU funds earmarked for social inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups;

– IRIS online platform,, is a platform for exchange of knowledge between different organizations and people involved in the provision of social services throughout the region;

– IRIS annual events with SOLIDAR in European Parliament gather relevant regional and EU stakeholders and prominent members of EU Parliament;

– E-learning curriculum IRIS lunched is a help tool for capacity building process for the IRIS network members and other interested organizations and professionals;

– IRIS trained more than 150 professionals in organizational management of CSOs through a training programme Efficient management – better services”;

– IRIS developed handbook for trainers for “Organizational Management of CSOs providing social services”;

In 2014 the network supported 23 grass root projects focused on improving social services on the local level: five in each of Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, and three in Kosovo.

Future work

Based on the inputs from network members IRIS developed new 2-years cycle of support for our members. In the period 2015-2016 network will work on:

– Providing members with the possibility for ISO 9001:2008 certification

– Supporting members in Licensing process for the services they provide

– Lunching the Mentoring program with professional mentors who will support its members in different fields

– Lunching Traineeship program for young people engaged in the IRIS network in EU-based social service providers in Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Belgium

– Lunching a grants scheme for IRIS network members which will allow funding of 12 best projects

– Organizing Summer school on social services for IRIS members

– Reshaping IRIS strategic and advocacy plans

– Campaigning on local, national and EU level for improvement of position of non-for-profit providers of social services


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