Development of typical gastronomic products of interest for tourism in South Economic Region of Kosovo


Under the EURED Grant Scheme 2012 project, the silverthorne live web cam Office of Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB) in Kosovo is contracted by the European Union Office in Kosovo to implement the “Development of typical gastronomic products of interest for tourism in South Economic Region of Kosovo” with acronym name “Tourism & Taste – TOURTASTE”. The project is being webcams feeds implemented by ASB in close cooperation with its local partners the Municipality of Prizren and NGO “PREDA Plus” from FYRO Macedonia. The value of this project is € 389,908 from which € 339,911 is being provided by the EU Office in Kosovo, € 39,996 by Prizren Municipality and € 10,000 by NGO “PREDA Plus” with the project du- ration of 20 months (starting from 14th of February 2013 until free sex live stream 15th of October 2014).

The overall objective of the project that ASB and its partners will contribute is to raise singles party nights the quality of typical regional gastronomic sector and to develop an integrated model for development that would directly and indirectly raise competitiveness of agricultural, food and tourism sector in the South economic region of Kosovo.

~Promotion will be achieved through 10 press releases, 500 brochures, 5000 postcards, 150 promotional calendars, 2000 E-newsletters distributed, 1000 average number of visits per month on projects website, 1500 estimated number of participants in organized squirting lesbian sex sites events and 20 business packages. It is planned to print a special cook book with innovated traditional recipes cheating dating site hpward stern and regional gastronomic route which will raise excellence of the production area and increased attractiveness.~

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