Economic support for social inclusion of the most vulnerable minority and majority families in Obiliq/Obilić and Shterpce/Štrpce Municipalities, Kosovo


From May 2013, ASB Kosovo started to implement the project funded by German Foreign Ministry (GFM) with the goal to contribute to post-conflict stabilization through socioeconomic assistance for socially disadvantaged majority and minority population groups. The total value of the project is € 66,000 of which € 60,000 is donated by the GFM and € 6,000 by ASB.

The specific objective of the project is to assist at least 15 socially vulnerable Serb and Albanian families in target municipalities through capacity building in start-up or development of micro businesses, provision of grant-based economic packages (€ 3,000) for job creation and promotion of public/private partnership for the benefit of socially disadvantaged families with regards to employment opportunities.

Since the implementation started ASB closely cooperated with all stakeholders involved in the promotion of social inclusion through economic assistance such as Obiliq/Obilič and Shtrepce/ Štrpce Municipal Departments for Social Welfare and relevant Employment Bureaus in targeted areas. Cooperation was mainly in the field of beneficiary selection and exchange of information. As the result of the project implementation expectations are 15 beneficiaries increased their business related skills through provision of business training, create solid opportunity for job creation and sustainable employment, and public/private sector proactively engaged in job creation process for the socially vulnerable.

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