Empowered people empower others – Social inclusion and economic empowerment of Roma population in Serbia.


Despite the cold and rain, the project “Social inclusion and economic empowerment of Roma population in 11 municipalities in Serbia” continues to bring smiles to faces of children and if healthy, they don’t miss a workshop.

The aim we set at the beginning of the project – to encourage children to take classroom friendships outside the school premises – is successfully showing results. Children and youth were encouraged to explore, talk, write or express anyhow the concept of friendship and the overall long term benefits it brings to them. By storytelling and other participative methods, lecturers opened space for sharing thoughts and feelings, teaching children tools for productive socializing, empathy, problem solving, etc.

Together with psychological aspect and creative expression, workshops cover school lessons. Children learn mathematics, chemistry, biology, languages and other. Our devoted teachers and lecturers help children compensate for any knowledge they may have missed due to COVID19 pandemics, motivating them to continue attending regular school lessons, ask questions and enjoy the learning process.
Empowered people empower others. It all starts with good education and support.

The project “Social inclusion and economic empowerment of Roma population in 11 municipalities in Serbia” is being implemented within the program “Strengthening of Social Infrastructure in Municipalities strained by the Refugee Crisis”, implemented by ASB SEE with Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs (MoLEVSA), as well as partner organizations IDC Serbia and Roma Forum of Serbia. The project is financed by the German Development Bank – KFW
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