Kruševac – awarded 10 grants for self-employment


In Kruševac, equipment for starting their own businesses was awarded to 10 beneficiaries of the Reintegrate II project. The value of individual grants exceeds 3,000.00 euros per beneficiary.

In addition to the grants, beneficiaries also received mentorship support and counseling to facilitate successful business operations. Furthermore, all beneficiaries expressed readiness to register their businesses in their applications. A total of 30,000.00 euros, or slightly more than 3,500,000.00 dinars, was allocated for this component of the project.

The supported beneficiaries applied with the following occupations:

  • Automotive mechanic
  • Photo ceramics
  • Production of metal fancy goods
  • Woodwork – 2 supported beneficiaries
  • Production of wooden items
  • Plumber
  • Dentist
  • Tailor
  • Souvenir sales

The contribution to the development of these activities encourages diversity in service offerings within the community and contributes to economic growth. Investing in the local market represents a key initiative aimed at supporting economic development and social inclusion of those with more difficulty finding employment. Small grants like these are particularly important as they allow flexibility in fund usage, adapting to the specific needs of each beneficiary. They contribute to a personalized approach to support and increase the chances of success in business.

Within the economic component of the project, a total of 16 individuals from more challenging employment categories were supported in securing employment. They were hired for newly created positions across 5 employers, with support provided to the employers through grants for process improvement or expanding production capacity. These grants were also utilized for the acquisition of new equipment and machinery, with a grant value of 3,750.00 euros per newly created job. A total of 60,000.00 euros, or slightly more than 7,000,000.00 dinars, was disbursed through this support line.

Additionally, the project allocated 18 training sessions for requalification and qualification (mostly for ‘C’ category drivers), and conducted 122 inclusive workshops involving over 450 children and youth. The value of these activities amounted to over 21,000.00 euros, or around 2,500,000.00 dinars.

Through various project activities in Kruševac, over 400 beneficiaries will receive support aimed at strengthening their economic and social status. This support includes economic, psychosocial, and institutional assistance packages. In addition to support for employing unemployed individuals from more challenging employment categories with established employers and support through subsidies for self-employment, the project also provides assistance through various business training sessions, requalification and qualification training, as well as support for children and youth through inclusive workshops. It also focuses on developing institutional capacities in the field of social protection at the local level by supporting the development or enhancement of social services locally.

The total value of the project in the City of Kruševac amounts to 145,300 euros, with the city’s participation amounting to 15,000 euros. The project is scheduled to run until April 30, 2024. The key objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable (re)integration of returnees and locally vulnerable populations in central and southern Serbia.

The project is led by the German organization ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund), with the main implementing partner being the Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC) from Belgrade. The project’s beneficiary districts include the Pirot, Raška, and Rasina districts. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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