New furniture and home appliances for flooded families in Obrenovac


ASB has successfully finished distribution of elementary home appliances and furniture for 40 flooded households in town of Obrenovac, Serbia. With the funds provided by Volkshilfe Österreich around 200 flood affected citizens of Obrenovac received tailor-made packages of cooking devices, basic furniture, etc, according to SPHERE standards, with the total value of EUR 60,000.

After the floods in Serbia, the situation remains most critical in the region of Obrenovac which was most affected by the floods with the estimated of 90% of the city flooded. ASB has performed several assessments since May 16th, 2014 in this area and has been closely coordinating with the Serbian Red Cross which has the mandate for humanitarian support to affected families. After the disaster, the most important issue was to start the support of families returning to their houses. Providing assistance to mainly elderly, single-parent households and families with members who have a disability was ASB biggest priority. ASB team has identified the beneficiaries based on transparent criteria, purchased the needed items and distributed them to the families in need, in Obrenovac and the hamlets of Poljane and Veliko Polje which were are not able to resolve their difficulties without external support.

At first, beneficiaries’ watched ASB team in disbelief, because so many people came to them, promising help, and at the end not fulfilling that promise. When trucks carrying home equipment came to their doorsteps, and they saw new beds, tables, chairs and appliances the look of relief finally crossed their faces.

“Dear Mr Vidan, we got our package, and our family is crying of happiness and gratitude. We wish you all the luck in the world. Thank you so much. Family Jovanovic ” 

“My children, after months of sleeping on the mattresses, now finally have warm and safe beds. You brought us joy after so many days of misfortune. Thank you. Mrs Slobodanka ”

“We wish you as much happiness as your organization brought us today. Everything is perfect. Mr Dragan”

These are just few messages ASB got in the past few days from grateful families from Obrenovac. We are delighted we succeeded in making these vulnerable people’s lives easier and providing them much needed assistance.

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