Provision of Elderly Care in the Municipality of Mladenovac


Marija Smiljanić is a seventy-eight year old lady who lives alone in the village Americ, near Mladenovac. She claims that until recently, elderliness, sickness and loneliness were her only companions on her large village household in Americ. “I suffer from rheumatism, my legs are heavy, I often fall down and drop things from my hands; The vacuum cleaner and broom, well, I can only look at them. It is difficult. You know, I always get up early and, believe me, I have not heard a rooster for years. The village is abandoned. It is horrible. The only thing that you can hear is the sound of the bus when it passes “.

Marija is one of the 94 beneficiaries of the Home Care Service provided by 8 Home Care Assistants in the City Municipality of Mladenovac.

Biljana Orlovic, a thirty-seven year old female said that after the training she quickly got used to the role of being a home care assistant, although she did not have experience in performing those types of the tasks. Having fled Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, life brought her to Mladenovac. – I have never done anything like this and I am satisfied with my job, because until now, only my husband was employed. I have a very nice relationship with my beneficiaries. Whenever we visit her, she is welcoming us very warmly. Regularly we are talking on the telephone before I come to her house, so, I can buy groceries for the entire week. In the house I mop up the hallway, bathroom, clean the carpet, prepare the food, and all of this during conversation with Marija. For elderly people a conversation free arkansas singles sites means a lot – says Biljana.

The employment of the 8 care-takers to assist the 94 elderly families was achieved through the project “They Deserve It”, funded by the European Union and implement- ed jointly by the Municipality of Mladenovac, the Arbeiter- Samariter-Bund (ASB) and the Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC). The project budget was € 141,806.80, financed by European Union. The applicant of the project was the City Municipality Mladenovac which co-funded the project with € 15,598.75. This project represents an important segment of ASB spain dating romance for marriage efforts in South Eastern Eu- rope since it combines the support to IDP and Refugee families, 50% of the Care-takers were from this population group, with ASB core activities performed by ASB in Germany. Next to the support provided by the partners during project implementation, it is important to mention that even upon project end the local who is Samaritan partner IDC continued to provide support to the families and was able to provide permanent employment to 5 care-takers.

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