In cooperation with the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Affairs through the programme “EU assistance to migrants and refugees in Serbia”, in late February we will begin the construction of the Reception center for refugees/migrants in Dimitrovgrad. For the construction and equipping of the Center, which will have the capacity of 70 beds, more than 170,000 Euros has been allocated.

The project aims to contribute to the international and local efforts in responding to ongoing migrant/refugee crisis in Serbia. Furthermore, ASB will provide furniture, equipment, heating systems and provision of sanitary equipment. National and local authorities will be assisted through employment of camp management, field staff, translators and social service. The project provides direct support to the Commissariat for Refugees andMigration of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Affairs and various targeted national institutions dealing with migration issues. In order to improve accommodation facilities for refugees, with realization of this project, we will also provide rehabilitation of existing facilities at various locations in Serbia.

ASB is one of six implementing partners on the programme “EU assistance to migrants and refugees in Serbia”. The European Union has earmarked a 7 million Euros aid package, which comes from a special measure adopted by the European Commission, to help Serbia cope with the unprecedented refugee flows. The funds will be used to support Serbia’s National and Local authorities and institutions in increasing their operational capabilities and the capacity to coordinate the assistance. Furthermore, the funds will be used for improving reception capacities in the country by reconstruction existing buildings or constructing new refugee centers across Serbia for more than 700 people. Under the Programme, the European Union will donate equipment and supplies for the Ministry of Interior and Commissariat for Refugees and Migration to help Serbia deliver the necessary services to refugees. The activities are implemented in 7 municipalities: Belgrade, Bosilegrad, Dimitrovgrad, Pirot, Preševo, Subotica, Šid. EU continues to be Serbia Serbia’s main partner and donor when it comes to managing migration, having allocated some €80 million for borders and migration since 2001. This assistance includes, amongst others, construction and renovation of border crossings, supply of equipment and IT infrastructure for better border management, upgrade and extension of asylum facilities, as well as assistance to improve the efficiency of the asylum system.

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