Successful beginning of Construction Works in Dimitrovgrad


Construction of the Reception and Registration Center for migrants and refugees in Dimitrovgrad, which will be able to accommodate up to 70 persons, has successfully begun in July. The construction works, implemented by ASB, are financed by European Union through the Programme “EU Assistance to Migrants and Refugees in Serbia” and German Federal Foreign Office. The center will be constructed and furnished by the end of September.

The whole complex, consisting of three residential blocks and administrative center, is being constructed on the ground surface of 510m2. It is mostly intended for persons who are entering Serbia through Bulgaria. After they pass the security check, migrants will be will be registered and provided with all basic services. The accommodation capacities of the center could be increased in the future, if needed.

Services include provision of water, food and clothes; taking care of mothers with children and elderly; accommodation on daily bases or in longer-term in accordance with necessities of beneficiaries; medical support. Migrants will also benefit from heating system installation and hot sanitary water provision in center. Optimal conditions for personnel of CRMS, Police, medical staff and representatives of humanitarian NGOs in the field are also guaranteed.

This is not the first time ASB is assisting people in need in Dimitrovgrad. During 2015, ASB has provided packages of food, hygiene and medicine. Aid packages in total amount of 10.000 Euros were delivered to more than 2000 refugees.

Through the Programme “EU Assistance to Migrants and Refugees in Serbia”, ASB is actively increasing the capacities of CRMS, MOLEVSA and MOI. Beside the construction of Centre in Dimitrovgrad, ASB is covering monthly payments for up to 90 staff members across the reception centres in Serbia. In addition, ASB has purchased 440 beds which are being allocated in accordance to CRMS’s needs.

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