Support to the implementation of strategies for IDPs, Refugees and Returnees


In June 2013 ASB started with the implementation of two projects in the municipalities of Zrenjanin and Vrsac , Republic of Serbia, dealing with the provision of durable solutions to IDPs, Refugees and returnees, living in these municipalities. Both projects have a duration of 14 months and ASB as the partner organisation in both projects will support these municipalities in the implementation of the Local Action Plans which have been developed in cooperation with the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees & Migration with the aim to include Self-governments in supporting most vulnerable families.

Even though these municipalities have worked in the past in the same field, ASB has the aim not only to assist the municipalities in the implementation of the project but to support them in the whole process and getting their structures familiarized with EU procedures which would enable municipal administrations to independently apply in the future. ASB has provided support in the drafting of the proposals and will now consequently continue to support these municipalities through adopting EU procedures for tendering, implementing and reporting. Therefore these types of projects are not just valuable due to their content but are also very important in light of the capacity building and on-the-job coaching which officials from these municipalities receive during the implementation itself. Until the end od 2014 both projects will be finalised.

~The EU has provided a total amount of € 178,000.00 which will be used by viagra online prescription these municipalities for the provision of: a) 4 prefabricated housing units, b) purchase of 12 sets of building material for self-help to the same number of families, c) 20 business start-up grants and d) business start-up training courses for the same number of families.~

Currently, ASB and its partner organisation for the action, the Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC) have signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Serbian Commissariat for refugees and the three municipalities. The project will be finalised until the end of summer 2014. The total budget for the ac- tion is € 1,044,100.00 out of which € 900,000.00 is being provided by the European Union and € 144,100.00 by ASB.

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