Supporting the closure of Collective Centres in Serbia through the provision of durable housing solutions for IDPs, Refugees and Returnees


The latest ASB project on integration of IDPs and refugees in Serbia has started on 1st February 2013 and is a continuation of EU-funded viagra generic efforts to support the integration process of IDPs and refugees in Serbia as their host country. The specific project focuses on the closure of three major Collective Centres in the cities of Smederevo, Gadzin Han and Vranje. Through the project, a total of 73 families will receive durable housing solutions through the construction of prefabricated housing units within these municipalities on either their own land plots or plots which will be donated by the respective municipalities.

The impact of the action is very important since it will close the chapters of Collective Centres within these three municipalities, especially considering the fact that the Collective Centre in Smederevo was the largest one within Serbia during the past 18 years.

~The total budget for the action is € 1,044,100.00 out of which € 900,000.00 is being provided by the European Union and € 144,100.00 by ASB.~

Currently, ASB and its partner organisation for the action, the Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC) have signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Serbian Commissariat for refugees and the three municipalities. The project will be finalised until the end of summer 2014.

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