Under the project „To Earn, Not To Get“, Arbeiter Samariter Bund is improving socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable mine victims and their families into the society, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project was launched in 2018, financed by European Commission, Local governments and ASB Deutschland.

Main goal is to increase socio-economic potential and income generation opportunities for 66 economically vulnerable mine victims or members of their families through provision of business training and business grants in the project target areas.

As legacy from the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina is covered with mine fields and due to that, the number of mine victims has increased in post-war years. During the project implementation, about 1600 mine victim was registered I 11 municipalities in BiH.

It is planned to help up to 110 mine victims and their family members to increase entrepreneurial skills through specialized business trainings. Up to 66 most successful training participants, will be provided business grant for (self) employment.

Project will be implementing by the end of 2019.


Racković Vanja, (1989) an economic technician, who knows the German language, is one of the beneficiaries of the Project.

“I have been working in a rented store for two years now and I’m reselling clothes. I attended the business training provided by ASB. During the training, I have realized that I cannot receive construction material for the repair of the rented shop. With argumentation and a common market analysis provided by experts, I decided to work on fruit drying. I applied with this business and expected delivery of electric fruit dryers. I canceled my previous job and prepared for the new one that I have planned with ASB staff. Our area is rich in plum, pear and apple trees. All economic indicators have shown that the drying fruit operation might be sufficiently profitable for me through a new business. “- says Vanja.

Vanja is the daughter of father Miladin, who was killed when the vehicle, in which he was in, stepped over the anti-tank mine in 1992. At that time, Vanja was 3-years old kid today living in the household with her mother.


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