COVID_19 response in Serbia – ASB & GFM delivered IT equipment for nursing homes in Serbia


As a response to current COVID-19 word pandemic crisis, ASB south East Europe delivered IT equipment to elected institutions, social service providers in BIH, Serbia and Kosovo, to ease the isolation for the beneficiaries and support social distancing.

After actions conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ASB donated IT equipment to nursing homes and gerontological centers in 5 municipalities in Serbia: Kruševac, Subotica, Šabac, Dimitrovgrad and Novi Pazar.

Reminding, on June 12th, ASB and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, signed an Agreement for this donation, when Minister Zoran Djordjevic, Gordan Velev director of ASB Serbia and directors of nursing homes and gerontology centers in the mentioned cities, gathered in the Palace of Serbia.

Delivering equipment to the Center for Social Work and Nursing Home for Accommodation of Adults and the Elderly in Novi Pazar


ASB, in cooperation with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Embassy in Serbia, managed to provide support for 5 nursing homes and gerontology centers in the Republic of Serbia in IT equipment, valued of 21,000 EUR.

Delivering equipment to the Gerontological Center in Krusevac


Given that these institutions work with the most vulnerable population at the time of the COVID19 pandemic, in order to facilitate isolation, by sharing IT equipment, the idea is to enable beneficiary’s easier and more frequent contact with family and friends.

Delivering equipment to the Nursing home for elderly in Dimitrovgrad


Namely, the centers are awarded with a set of computers, televisions, cameras, speakers and other accompanying equipment, so that their users can strengthen or establish regular online communication with their loved ones while respecting the requirements of social distancing.

Delivering equipment to the Gerontological Center in Subotica


In addition to this action, the donation also aims to support the education of the oldest citizens in the use of new technologies, and the idea is that users of the centers gain knowledge and experience in basic use of information technology.

Delivering equipment to the Gerontological Center in Sabac


This project in BIH, Serbia and Kosovo is financed by the German Foreign Office, with equipment valued over 62,000 EUR.

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